Classifieds: Seeking Staff

Below are classifieds for dentist offices seeking staff. Click on the Position link to get additional information.

Dentist Positions

Position Hiring Doctor City County Type
Dentist Timothy Brady All Seventh District Monroe Sub
Dentist Carl DiVita Spencerport Monroe PT
Dentist Geneseo Livingston FT
Dentist Mt Morris Livingston FT

Other Positions

Position Hiring Doctor City County Type
Dental Assistant Suresh Goel Pittsford Monroe FT
Dental Assistant Thomas Gibbs Brighton Monroe FT
Dental Assistant David Miraglia Webster Monroe FT
Dental Assistant Richard Rubin Fairport Monroe FT
Dental Assistant Hans Malmstrom Rochester Monroe Any
Dental Assistant Batavia Genesee FT
Dental Assistant Jan Piper-Glasgow Pittsford Monroe PT
Dental Assistant Craig Santo webster Monroe PT
Dental Assistant Andrew Dvonch Rochester Monroe FT
Dental Assistant Azita Anissi Pittsford Monroe FT
Dental Assistant Lisa Mulkin Geneva Ontario FT
Dental Assistant Ronald Heinle Pittsford Monroe Sub
Dental Hygienist James La Mar Rochester Monroe FT
Dental Hygienist Arlene Messer Rochester Monroe PT
Dental Hygienist Emmanuel Puddicombe HONEOYE Ontario Sub
Dental Hygienist Michael Oros Avon Livingston Sub
Front Desk Robert Calcagno Rochester Monroe FT
Front Desk Victor Ontario FT
Surgical Dental Assistant Alan Cassara Rochester Monroe Any
Orthodontic Assistant Jeremy Bateman Brockport Monroe PT
Orthodontic Assistant Brandon Comella Dansville Livingston PT

Equipment / Practice Sales

Type of Sale County Name
Practice Steuben Amie Nicola
Practice Monroe