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Membership Levels

From Our Members

I'm a member of the Seventh District Dental Society because it allows me to be connected with our community of dentists in ways that have promoted personal and professional relationships, which are necessary for the future of our profession!

Dr. Sierra DeMarree

Active Membership

Active members shall consist of dentists, who reside or practice in the Seventh Judicial District, and are duly registered as legally qualified to practice dentistry in the State of New York. By submission of an application and payment of dues to the society, they automatically become members of The New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association in accordance with the Bylaws of these organizations.  Click here for application.

Life Membership

An active or retired member dentist in good standing for at least 30 consecutive years or a total of 40 years, in the previous calendar year is eligible for life membership. Member dentists who attain the requirements for life membership while still practicing (active life members) pay 100% of full active dues and 100% of any mandatory assessment. Members who qualify for life membership and are retired and have submitted an affidavit attesting to these qualifications to their state and local society, if such exists, pay $0 as a retired life member at the ADA level. Check with your state society for dues owed as life member at the state and local level.

Retired Membership

ADA members who retire from the practice of dentistry and do not earn income from performing any dental-related activity become eligible for retired membership the year following retirement. An affidavit of retirement is required to be submitted to your state dental society (or to the ADA, if you are a direct member).  Retired members pay twenty-five percent (25%) of the full active dues and any mandatory assessment.  Retired Affidavit form.

Associate Membership

A dentist in good standing as an active member of another component District Dental Society and those dentists who are members of the American Dental Association are eligible. Please call our office for more information, 585.385.9550.

Dues Waiver

A full or partial waiver is available to a member in good standing whose circumstances have resulted in a significant financial hardship, including temporary or permanent disability, catastrophe, parental leave or medical illness. 

Request for Waiver of Membership Dues

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