Scholarship Program for Dental Students

In 1961, Monroe County Dental Society awarded its first scholarship (grant) to two deserving dental students.  Each year since 1961, Monroe County Dental Society has invited 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year dental students who resided in Monroe County prior to their higher education to apply for a financial scholarship (grant).  Students can apply each year through dental school even if they received a grant the previous year.   

The program has grown and we now invite those student applicants to join us at a holiday luncheon during their break to meet with dentists who have volunteered to support this important program.  We have a diverse group of volunteer dentists that also reflect the various dental specialties and practice models.   

While the scholarship grants may not be large, and we cannot guarantee all applicants will receive a grant, what most students tell us is that they appreciate the opportunity to meet with local dentists.  Our volunteer dentists have invited students to visit their practice, shadow, or stay in touch for questions.   

In September of each year, we email the deans of dental schools across the Northeast providing them with the scholarship application and criteria.   If you didn't get that information, CLICK HERE for an application.    

December 23, 2019, we had 8 students attend our luncheon.   We hope to see those same students choose to settle in Monroe County because this is a wonderful area to practice and raise a family.