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Message From Our NYSDA Trustee

Feb 27, 2024

Being your Trustee to the NYSDA Board has opened my eyes to the inner workings of our dental society.  The Board of Trustees is the managing body of the NYS Dental Association. Duties include, but are not limited to, appointing NYSDA’s Executive Director and Journal Editor,  preparation of the annual report for the House of Delegates and the budget that helps carry out the activities of the Association.  We consider new benefits for our members and try to implement them as we see fit.  Coming soon is an enhanced method of submitting your own continuing education courses for credit. It will also send out reminders to inform you when your mandated courses are due.  It is called "CE Navigator" and should prove to be a nice member benefit.  More information will be coming soon.

I was sworn in at the 2021 House of Delegates meeting and have only 1 ½ years left of my four-year term.  The time flies by because I truly enjoy the work.  If I can help answer any questions or concerns, please contact me through the district office.

Dr. Theresa Casper-Klock

NYSDA Trustee