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Patient Safety and Risk Management Education

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Fortress 3-Year Premium Credit Risk Management Webinar with Interactive Q&A Sessions



Registration Deadline: Tuesday, June 13, 2023
There is no registration fee or cancellation fee associated with this webinar.
You may also forward this invitation to any staff who may wish to participate.

Course Description:
Through an analysis of closed Fortress malpractice claims, this course will provide strategies and resources to enhance patient safety and to reduce risk in the dental practice. Closed claim topics include esthetic restorations, wisdom tooth extractions, oral cancer, endodontic treatment, and implants. Risk management topics include documentation, communication, informed consent, technology, patient selection, referrals, prescription practices, patient noncompliance, and ethics. There are no prerequisites. Attendees insured with Fortress, upon verification of at least 75% attendance at the webinar, will be eligible to receive a 10% risk management premium credit on their policy, applicable to the next three policy periods.

• Identify common dental malpractice risks
• Understand how to adapt office policies and procedures to mitigate exposure to identified risks in the dental practice
• Implement strategies with professional teams and referral networks to encourage patient safety and reduce risk
• Understand the litigation process, board investigations and the role of the insured provider in each

Julie Goldberg, DDS
Dr. Goldberg is the Education Program Developer at OMSNIC and Fortress. Julie received her dental degree from the University of Illinois and is a licensed dentist in both Illinois and Florida. She is a Chicago area native who has been in private practice in Illinois as well as in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, and currently maintains membership with the ADA as well as the Chicago Dental Society. Julie brings her clinical dental experience and knowledge to the Patient Safety and Risk Management Department. Dr. Goldberg has nothing to disclose.