Monroe County

Welcome to the Monroe County page.

Below are the Monroe County Dental Society Board of Directors for 2017.


Dr. Keith Sanger   President
Dr. William Hurtt   President-Elect
Dr. Marni Phillips   Vice-President
Dr. Eduardo Torrado                  Secretary
Dr. William Zugner    Treasurer








Past Presidents

Dr. Chistopher Calnon   Representative to 7th District Board of Directors
Dr. Janis Preston   Chairman of the Board

2017 Business Chair


Dr. Ted Eckermann



Term Ends

Dr. Ritu Shah  2018
Dr.  Timothy Calnon   2018         
Dr. Vincent Badali              2018

Dr. Timothy Abbamonte


Dr. Stan Drabik 2017
Dr. Suresh Goel 2017
Dr. Nathan Glasgow 2019
Dr. Michael Krzemien 2019
Dr. Todd Pederson 2019



Dr. Frederick J. Halik


Past Presidents of Monroe County Dental Society [click here] 1932-2014