Empire Dental Administrators, Inc.


Empire Dental Administrators (EDA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Seventh District Dental Society established in 1999.

All members of the Seventh District are shareholders of the entity.  The goal of EDA is to provide shareholder value by providing products and services to dentists.  EDA supports the efforts of organized dentistry and appropriately works in an interactive atmosphere with our partner dental societies who promote and support our products and services.

Within EDA we have an insurance agency that was developed to assist the members of Seventh District by providing high quality insurance products.  At the present time, we offer Professional Liability Insurance coverage through the Fortress Insurance Company. The Fifth District Dental Society endorses the Fortress Program and we provide the sales and service for their members.  

The Board of Directors of EDA are Dentists who have volunteered their time and expertise to make sure the products, services, and direction of the agency are met. 

Our mission is simple:  To provide high quality products and services to members of the Seventh District and any NYSDA District that endorses any products or services that we provide.


EDA Officers and Directors


President:  Richard F Andolina, Sr., DDS

Vice President:  Robert J. Buhite ll, DDS

Secretary:  Christopher W. Calnon, DDS

Treasurer:  Richard L. Rubin, DDS

Directors:  Theresa Casper-Klock, DDS * Timothy J. Abbamonte, DDS * Jonathan R. Gellert, DDS

Counselor:  Andrew G. Vorrasi, DDS


If you have any questions about these programs, please call either Andy Vorrasi or Cheryl White.  We are happy to assist you.  585-385-9550.