We realize the issue many dentists are having in finding

hygienists and assistants.


MCC has provided the Seventh District with the following information to hopefully alleviate this situation. 

MCC does not have the required software to run a virtual job fair this semester, unfortunately.

Dentists can contact Career Services at MCC and post their job description on the Purple Briefcase:  


We are also recommending LinkedIn to our students – it may be another way to connect dentists to our students professionally.

At this time, the 2021 cohort of 36 dental hygienists and 12 dental assistants will graduate on May 30th. After this date, they can apply for a one-year limited permit through the NYS Office of the Professions for $50/$40 and work immediately for a NYS licensed dentist under direct personal supervision; one dentist per application/limited permit. Attached are Form 5s for DH and DA, so you know what is required of a dentist who wants to hire a DH or DA recent grad this way. 

 Application for Dental Assistant Permit Form 5


Application Dental Hygiene Permit For 5

 It has been difficult for the students to schedule their exams due to capacity restrictions at the testing sites and this license allows them to work quite quickly after graduation and before they take their exams. The students need to graduate, apply for the limited permit, and receive it before they can begin working.

We appreciate MCC reaching out to the dentists in the District and look forward to future cooperative efforts.