May 20, 2020

Today, the New York State Dental Association initiated a grass roots effort seeking member involvement to help strengthen our continuing efforts to expedite the full reopening of dental offices.

NYSDA provided information and a sample letter to guide members in advocating with their local legislators to help spur the implementation of final state guidelines and allow all dental offices throughout the state to reopen immediately. In addition, we sent a statewide press release to inform the media and general public that remaining in emergent/urgent only status in New York has the potential to threaten overall patient health.

Dental offices have been open for emergent/urgent care throughout the COVID-19 crisis and have been handling these challenging cases with extreme care. We are more than ready to extend these cautionary practices to all patients as we provide standard dental care. It is unacceptable that our patients have been denied full access to dental care for more than 60 days. The health of patients whose care has been delayed for months is at risk as once manageable issues can quickly become urgent without treatment.

NYSDA representatives are also in discussions with several reporters regarding the impact this delay is causing on the business of dentistry as profession. Many practitioners have been forced to close their offices due to financial hardship and more are likely to follow without immediate state action.View Press Release

Please do whatever you can to help advocate with us for the full reopening of dental practices in New York.

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