Do you ever wonder what we do every day here in the District Office?  The wonderful thing about working for the Seventh District Dental Society is that every day is a little different.   

We are nearing the end of our spring continuing education programs with one more all-day meeting scheduled on May 17th. We are always happy to see those registration forms coming in.   In the background, our new team member, Toni Williams is quickly learning about all that we do for our members.  Nancy Buckley who handles our CE and Events is expertly attending to all the last-minute details to make sure your CE experience is all that you expect.

Daily, we receive a myriad of phone calls from the public, from our members and from outside companies and organizations.  We have three phone lines and an 800 number and often, they are all busy.  We are also at the tail end of ADA Tripartite Dues billing cycle and now is the time we reach out to those members who have not yet paid their 2019 dues.  Many have expressed appreciation for our follow-up. 

Here is a snapshot of just a few things we worked in just the last day or two.   Today could look entirely different.  That is what makes it fun and challenging for us.

Lori Bowerman - Executive Director

  • I had a Conference Call with NYSDA and the Component Executive Directors.  Our main agenda item was to review membership statistics for 2019 and to discuss strategies for getting those unpaid members to continue membership in 2019. 
  • I processed our June Fortress professional liability renewal polices.  We have large number of policies that renew in June and July because those months are when so many new dentists get their license to start practicing.  Every policy is reviewed for accuracy before we mail it out to our member. 
  • I spent some time this last couple of days creating a document on the history of our wholly owned subsidiary Empire Dental Administrators, Inc.   It seems like yesterday, but we have been around since 1999.

Nancy Buckley - CE & Events Coordinator/ Peer Review Coordinator and Fortress

  • We have several Peer Review cases on the books, and everything runs through Nancy for administration.  Yesterday, Peer Review pretty much dominated Nancy’s day and it requires serious documentation to adhere to the process.  We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of dentists who work on Peer Review and this benefit is beneficial to both dentist and patient. 
  • Nancy had a training conference call with our programmer at ADA yesterday.  We have been using the ADA Aptify system for some time but there is so much more to learn. 
  • Every day, Nancy works on upcoming CE events. First thing this morning, she found out our speaker for a meeting this fall cancelled.  We always must be prepared to change direction and today is no different.  It will work out! 

Toni Williams– Front Desk and Membership and Communications-   Welcome Toni Williams our newest member of the team.  Yesterday Toni’s day included some of the following: 

  • Toni is first to answer incoming calls, sort mail, prepare and process deposits and registration for events. 
  • Training – there is a lot to learn and Toni is up for the challenge. 
  • Toni found a recycling company who dropped off two large garbage bins.  We are going to do some spring cleaning and we will fill those bins quickly. 
  • Toni helped to close our recent risk management meeting (over 200 attendees). 

EDA –Every day we provide customer service for our Fortress policyholders and yesterday was no different. Nancy helped at least one dentist apply for the Fortress Professional Liability Program.  Every new Fortress policyholder adds to the stability and future of our program.  Nancy and Lori each take calls daily from policyholders who need to update coverage, get documentation for credentialing or just have questions.   We are also working with the Fifth District Dental Society to create and implement a new marketing campaign.    In addition, we have new board members for EDA.  They are meeting this month and under leadership of Dr. Lynne Halik, we are updating our C&B, investment policy and other documents. 

On a final note, rarely does a day go by without one of the officers, board members or committee members touching base with us.   Today, Dr. Richard Andolina Jr., our Seventh District Vice President called and asked us to lunch.  What a treat!  Photo below.  We appreciate working with such dedicated volunteers and look forward to new initiatives in 2019. 

If you need help, always remember to make the Seventh District Dental Society “The First Call You Make”


rick jr and ladies 2019.jpg

          Dr. Richard Andolina Jr. with the staff of the District Office enjoying lunch. 


Your team at the District Office