Dental Mercury Program: Monroe County Office of Industrial Waste

This program requires Monroe County to inspect each Dental facility every 5 years
The inspection includes a review of documentation and installation of amalgam separators, and a review of best management practices for handling mercury waste and line cleaners to make sure they are consistent with the BMP.

Documentation requirements:
1. Waste Amalgam Compliance Report – All Dental facilities must have this document filled out and filed with their local sewer Control Authority by October 12, 2020. A copy must be maintained on site.
2. Record keeping of shipped mercury waste: Who took it, How Much (weight) and where it was finally recycled. Records must be maintained for three years.
3. Maintenance and inspection records for amalgam separators. Records must be maintained for three years
4. Amalgam separator manufacturers operating manual for the current device must be available in physical or electronic form

- Waste amalgam including, but not limited to, dental amalgam from chair-side traps, screens, vacuum pump filters, dental tools, cuspidors, or collection devices, must not be discharged to a POTW
- Dental unit water lines, chair-side traps, and vacuum lines that discharge amalgam process wastewater to a POTW must not be cleaned with oxidizing or acidic cleaners, including but not limited to bleach, chlorine, iodine and peroxide that have a pH lower than 6 or greater than 8

Inspections: Employees of Monroe County’s Environmental Services are responsible for performing facility inspections. They will call prior to the inspection to arrange a time that is as convenient as possible for the facility. They will identify themselves as Monroe County ‘Pure Waters’ or ’Industrial Waste’.
The following documents are available on-line:

NYSDEC- Waste Amalgam Compliance Report: This document must be filled out and filed with the Local Control Authority by October 12, 2020. New facilities or transferred facilities must submit the form within 30 days of starting to discharge wastewater to the sewer. A copy must also be maintained on site.

Addresses for Amalgam Installation Forms: This document provides the addresses for the Local Control Authorities in Monroe County.

Facility Checklist: This document is a one-page check list that details best management practices for dental mercury.

Example Maintenance Log: This is a sample maintenance log for keeping records of amalgam separator inspection, maintenance, and repairs.

List of Compliant Line Cleaners: A partial list of line cleaners that meet the requirements of neutral pH and non-oxidizing.

Links to the Dental Regulations:

BMP (Best Management Practices)