NYSDA members continue to receive misleading mailings marketing training programs in OSHA and HIPAA compliance.

 There is no special training required by either federal OSHA or HIPAA regulations. The current mailing is from a company called “Medical Compliance” in Washington DC. The official-looking notice warns: “This notice is a reminder that HIPAA and OSHA training is due May 15, 2018,” and “failure to comply with these annual regulations may result in fines up to $75,000 per violation”. Neither the training requirements nor the May 15 deadline exists.

What actually is required? 

OSHA mandates offices conduct annual training for employees during each calendar year. This is a requirement that each office review its OSHA policies and protocols with staff annually, document that such training occurred and the names of staff trained. All new employees must be trained when they start work. No “outside” company is needed to conduct this training.

This is unrelated to New York State’s infection control coursework for licensure required once every four years.

HIPAA requires training whenever policies change substantially enough to warrant training.
There is no “timeline” for training and there have not been any significant HIPAA policy changes that would necessitate training. All new employees must be trained when they start work.

NYSDA recommends that members request a copy of the specific regulation whenever a supply company, course provider, insurance company or other vendor advises that there is a “regulatory requirement”.

SAMPLE OF OSHA and HIPAA Training Advertisement members are getting in the mail CLICK HERE