The first ever NYS Veterans Smile Day Initiative, co-sponsored by NYSDA and your New York State Dental Foundation, is fast approaching, and we write to enlist your assistance in spreading the word and encouraging your colleagues to participate.

NYS Veterans Smile Day Initiative is a COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY program in which individual dentists screen and treat veterans (and/or their families), in their offices, on a designated day or days on/or coinciding with Veterans Day (11/11). Participating dentists determine what treatment[s] they can provide, and when. Nothing more, nothing less, than what the volunteer feels comfortable doing.

All U.S. military veterans qualify for this program, which shows organized dentistry’s commitment to giving back to those who have served their country.

Staff is working with the American Red Cross and the Veterans Miracle Network to coordinate visits by veterans who wish to receive dental services – but we need to identify those dentists who wish to volunteer, so as to avoid a crush of unexpected, un-scheduled visits AND to be able to distribute donated product for the initiative. Dentists who wish to participate in the NYS Veterans Smile Day initiative should contact Ms. Leon at

Incidentally, participating dentists can – and should – register with the NYSDF Volunteer Registry, which provides a way to record hours spent providing pro bono charitable dental care. Participants will receive a certificate commemorating their volunteer commitment. In turn, NYSDA will be able to tally a total number of hours volunteered by the dental profession and provide this information to policy makers and elected officials to demonstrate the simple but very important fact that dentists truly go the distance to ensure a healthier population. 

For more information on Veterans Smile Day, and to register for the NYSDF Volunteer Registry, simply go to, click on the “register” icon at the top of the page, and complete the registration process with your information.

We think you will share our excitement; we are incredibly honored to be able to help deliver oral health care to our men and women in uniform. Thank you!

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