Hi New Dentists! Our next event will be a Pedal Tour Thursday, August 6 at 6 pm! It's limited to 13 dentists so please RSVP ASAP if you're interested!! Feel free to send me a message or email me at glick.marni@gmail.com to reserve your spot. It's brand new to Rochester and should be a blast!! Here's some information:

Rochester Pedal Tours brings something new that Rochester as a whole will appreciate. This brand new experience will make your friends say “why didn’t you invite me” when they see the pictures. Cruise around town picking the bars and restaurants you want to visit. Our trained drivers will make sure your event is fun, safe and truly an unforgettable experience.

Rochester Pedal Tours is a pedal powered trolley that is powered by you the guests! No motor, no assists, just you the riders. The pedal is nothing exerting, it’s not the Tour de France people. When you hit a hill you know you hit a hill, when you go downhill you will love it. Our on board cubbies ensure ample room to store purses, hoodies, food or any decorations/props you want to bring on board. Regardless if you are doing just a bar crawl your guide will let you know about the surroundings we are passing as we are in route to our destination.

more information at : http://www.rochesterpedaltours.com