New Dentists

Welcome New Dentists

Whether you are fresh out of your residency or just new to the area, we are happy to have you as part of our community.

Our purpose is simple: Build a network of new dentists so that we can act as a resource and support group for each other.  Sometimes this takes the form of a mixer at a local establishment.  Other times it is coming together at a CE event or our statewide new dentist conference. It can even include hopping on a bus and going to a Buffalo Bills game or wine tour together.  Whatever it is, we are all at a very unique point in our careers, and it's nice to be surrounded by a group of people who understand what you are going through. 

 So please, join us at our next get together.  You may find your next practice opportunity...or just a great group of friends.


September 6, 2016 - A Message from the New Dentist Committee 

How we spent our summer!  Click Here 


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December 2018 Holiday Gathering for New Dentists