Journey of the Head & Neck; Call of Anatomy

Start Date: May 11, 2018 8:00am
End Date:
Location: URMC
Address: 601 Elmwood Ave.
City: Rochester
State: NY
Zip: 14642
Featured Speaker: Dr. Eileen Kalmar, Dr. John Kalmar & Dr. Joseph Fantuzzo
Sponsor: Seventh District Dental Society/MCDS

Hands-on Journey of the Head & Neck: Call of Anatomy



Friday’s lecture will be held at the University of Rochester Class of ’62 Auditorium in the Medical Center, 601 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY   14642. 

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If you are a Physician or other Health Care Professional that would like to attend, please call our office to register. 

Day ONE ONLY - $500  (60 seats) 8 CE Credits

DAY ONE & TWO -$1,500 (12 seats) First Come/First Serve  8 CE Credits Each Day 

Non Member Pricing : Day One $600  - Day One & Two $1,700 

(CE credits for dentists and allied staff are approved through ADA CERP.  Any other health care professionals should check with their state licencing boards for approval of CE) 

Course Objectives:


  • Examine musculoskeletal anatomical relationships and landmarks of the head and neck.
  • Explore superficial facial structures, the muscles of mastication, and the temporomandibular joint.
  • Distinguish the infratemporal fossa and pterygopalatine fossa and their respective key components.
  • Locate and examine paranasal sinuses and related neurovasculature.
  • Differentiate common fascia compartments and correlate with infection potential spread.
  • Discuss anatomical variants of the oral cavity.
  • Review common and significant oral soft tissue masses.
  • Identify common and significant bone and radiographic abnormalities.
  • Identify and explore the management of common dento-alveolar complications in the outpatient clinic.
  • Understand common factors that compromise wound healing.



  • Explore and examine through dissection: superficial facial structures; the muscles of mastication; the temporomandibular joint; the infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossa, and their respective key components; and paranasal sinuses with related neurovasculature.
  • Practice local anesthetic injection sites. Through a lab activity examine “How accurate are you?”
  • Discuss details of intraoral flap design/closure.
  • Discuss and differentiate common fascia compartments and related clinical correlates.
  • Discuss common technical details related to bone grafting.