Esthetics and Function in Implant Dentistry: Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations for the Implant Team

Start Date: October 18, 2019 8:30am
End Date:
Location: Monroe Golf Club
Address: 155 Golf Ave.
City: Pittsford
State: NY
Zip: 14534
Featured Speaker: Dr. Carlo Ercoli
Contact Phone: 15853859550

Seventh District Annual Meeting 


ADA Member Dentist   $75

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Non-Member Dentist   $400

Includes Breakfast and Lunch 

Suggested Audience: Dentists, Lab Technicians, Dental Assistants

Esthetics and Function in Implant Dentistry: Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations for the Implant Team.



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Attendees will enjoy a full breakfast courtesy of Empire Dental Administrators, Inc., our wholly owned subsidiary of the Seventh District Dental Society.  


Successful dental implant treatment relies on sound, evidence-based, surgical and restorative treatment planning and execution and it is often due to improper diagnosis and treatment planning that “hard-to-treat”, preventable complications occur. On the other hand, local and systemic patient-related factors affect the level of complexity and predictability of each case. While the development of appropriate protocols for implant digital planning and placement, hard and soft tissue grafting, loading protocols, and adequate surgical-prosthodontic management can generally predict the final esthetics and function of most complex cases,  the clinician is often faced with complex, expensive and multi-level choices on which surgical and prosthetic solutions to adopt. This talk will describe several simple and complex cases where practical and cost-effective solutions have allowed the clinician to provide high patient satisfaction with an evidence-based, yet pragmatic and clinically convenient approach.

At the completion of the lecture, participants will learn:

1) The relationship between tooth form, position and soft tissue form and how biologic width influences implant outcome and treatment needs, especially in thin tissue biotypes.

2) How to treatment plan single and multiple unit implant fixed prostheses (including full arches) from a surgical and restorative standpoints, with emphasis on ideal implant position and digital planning.

3) Which type of surgical and prosthetic complications are more common and how to avoid and treat them.

4) How to distinguish between fads and facts in implant dentistry, especially related to soft tissue emergence profile and implant-abutment characteristics.

5) Which digital tools to incorporate in your practice to increase efficiency.

6) How to shorten treatment times for immediate placement, impression and loading of dental implants in simple and complex reconstructions and improve efficiency in your practice.

7) When and how to connect implant and teeth.

8) How to optimize implant soft tissue esthetics, stability and health with soft tissue grafting.

9) Which attachment are best for complete and partial overdentures and their troubleshooting.

10) How biomechanics affect the longevity of your implant restorations.


1)     How clinical implant “nightmares” are generally predictable and avoidable by adequate diagnosis and treatment planning.

2)     How to incorporate practical, pragmatic and user-friendly analog and digital solutions to streamline complex cases management.

3)     How surgical and prosthetic approaches/materials can complement each other in achieving adequate patient-centered esthetic results.

4)     How soft and hard tissue grafting can help manage short and long term complications.

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Genesee Regional Bank; Danaren Dental Lab;M&T Bank; Patterson Companies; Crane Dental Lab, Inc.; Rochester Technical Group; Henry Schein Dental; Walsh Duffield; Bank of America; Dentsply Sirona; Johnson & Lund; Morgenstern DeVoesick, PLLC; Empire Dental Administrators, Inc.