Dental Risk Management: Prioritizing Patient Safety: Reducing Risk through Closed Claim Analysis

Start Date: March 27, 2019 6:00pm
End Date:
Location: Burgundy Basin
Address: 1361 Marsh Road
City: Pittsford
State: NY
Zip: 14534
Featured Speaker: Dr.. Michael Ragan
Sponsor: Seventh District Dental Society/Empire Dental Administrators, Inc.

Dental Risk Management: Prioritizing Patient Safety: Reducing Risk through Closed Claim Analysis

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Prioritizing Patient Safety: Reducing Risk through Closed Claim Analysis
In this course, closed dental malpractice claims will be analyzed to identify how and when dentists and their staff can implement risk management and ethical principles to enhance patient safety and reduce untoward outcomes. Topics include extractions and implants, failure to diagnose, nerve injury, and patient selection and management considerations. There are no prerequisites.
 Apply clinical risk management strategies to improve patient safety, mitigate associated risk factors, and reduce  untoward outcomes and malpractice claims
 Implement strategies to help prevent failure to diagnose allegations
 Recognize the potential effect technology and applied risk management can have on mitigating
and managing nerve injury
DISCLAIMER: This presentation is dedicated to the education and scholarship of the dental community. It
is meant to provide you with information regarding risk management topics. Because federal, state and
local law varies by location and situation and changes over time, nothing in this presentation is intended
to serve as legal advice or to establish any standard of care. Legal advice, if desired, should be sought
from competent counsel in your state. This presentation does not modify the terms and conditions of the
Fortress Insurance Company Professional Liability Policy. Please refer to the Fortress National Insurance
Company, Professional Liability Policy for these terms and conditions.

Teaching Methods
Lecture with PowerPoint presentation

OMSNIC designates this activity for 3 CE Credits

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