Awards - A Celebration of Leadership

Each year, we recognize and honor members and others in our community who have made significant contributions to the profession. 

The 2018 Awards Committee is pleased to present the following individuals for awards:

George E. Greenwood Award - Dr. Richard L. Rubin 

Conferred annually in memory of George D. Greenwood (1892-1956) to a member who has been dedicated to his/her profession, faithful to his/her Dental Socety and Community and loyal to his/her colleagues throughout his/her career.   This is the Seventh District Dental Society's most prestegious award.  

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Award of Merit - Dr. David Levy

Created in 1987, the Seventh District Award of Merit is given in recognition of meritorious service and dedication to the members of the Dental Profession and Organization. 

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Robert R. Parker, III Award - Dr. Wayne C. Jarvis & Dr. Michael C. Pignato

Named after Dr. Robert E. Parker, III who embodied the seven tenets of our dental society including stewardship and volunteerism and as a testimony to Dr. Parker; we annually will confer an award in his name to a deserving individual or organization for volunteer or community service.

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Honorary Member - Senator Rich Funke 

Recognizing the distringuished contributions to the profession.  

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Listing of Past Greenwood Award Recipients